My name is Samula Albert 27 years old,married with one child. I live in Uganda East Africa were i was born. I operate a local natural health clinic, dealing in tropical medicinal herbs to help people with many diseases. In 2013 i came a cross MMS on the internet and i had to do intense research about how its used and how i can find it. I found many people who who are using MMS and many of them were very help. A friend referred me to Mr Muturou Isii in 2015 by then he was in West Africa running many projects with chlorine dioxide therapy. For now i have worked with MMS since 2013 helping many less fortunate people to over come diseases and treat drinking water.

It was in the year 20012 when i left a medical school because i could not rise my fees for the school, i felt so hurt. My turning point started when one of my relatives (anuncle)invited me to start working with him on his project at the time he was promoting the benefits of Moringa tree. I had no choice for that offer i decided to join him. We worked with the local communities spreading the good news of of herbal medicine mostly moringa as a nutrietional alternative. All did not go well because we lacked government support and the project was unable to continue. Within that short i worked with my uncle i really developed interest in nature and started making a lot of reasearch mostly on the local medicinal herbs that grow here naturally. I then started a project known as MEDICINAL GARDENS teaching the people to have atleast a small peace of land reserved for medicinal plants. This made me popular in the communities around, people also started coming to me for guide on how to handle different health conditions naturally. Since then (2013) i started a clinic where people could come for help. With the little knowledge i had in medical drugs i felt that natural ways would work better as many people were getting well easily.
Since i have been focusing on a natural way of living, started making research on many things including; vaccines,GMOs, pollution, the drugs people use and i was in a state of questioning everything. Some local media here started inviting me to talk about what i was claiming.
Up to now i do deep research on related topics including vaccines and other health issues. Am father of one and she is making making one year next month, but i and my wife also decided not to vaccine since we know the dangers. My friend Susan who is a mother of twins had told me before that her children were diagonised with autism and later i found it also related to vaccines which really discouraged me from vaccines. We are happy for our choice as for now we like a health life and many families have started learning from us.On taking with people you find atleast every family here has an effect of a vaccine that did not go on well mostly for POLIO.
In 2014 the government authorities were against my works and they even closed my clinic. But i didnt stop because i knew i was on the true. Its when i came a cross MMS and also started using. I reopened the healing centre now as a church. Am really determined to do my best to let the people know the truth.


9th eradication of malaria and sterilization guidance activities for unsanitary water / Fort Portal · Uganda

There is not enough funds to continue free medical examination and treatment        We ask for your support.
Remittance from Western Union thank you
Adress: Fortportal, Uganda, Plot 51,Bundibugyo road,
Tel: +256 701161688 +256 784043734


第9回マラリア撲滅と不衛生な水の殺菌指導活動 / ウガンダ・フォートポータル活動報告
Adress: Fortportal, Uganda, Plot 51,Bundibugyo road,
Tel: +256 701161688 +256 784043734


私の名前は27歳のSamula Albertさんです。子供1人と結婚しました。私はウガンダ東アフリカに住んでいます。私は生まれました。私は地元の自然健康診療所を運営し、多くの病気の人々を助けるために熱帯の薬草を扱っています。 2013年には、インターネット上でクロスMMSを利用しました。その使用方法とその使い方について徹底的な調査をしなければなりませんでした。私はMMSを使用している人が多く、その多くは非常に助けになりました。友人が2015年に西友アフリカで二酸化塩素療法で多くのプロジェクトを実行していた時に、私はMuturou Isiiに電話しました。今のところ私は2013年以来MMSと協力して、多くの不運な人々が病気になり、飲料水を飲むのを助けました。

20012年、私は学校のための私の料金を上げることができなかったので私が医学学校を出たとき、私はとても傷ついていた。私の転換点は、私の親戚のひとりが、モリンガの木の恩恵を奨励していたときに、自分のプロジェクトで彼と一緒に仕事を始めてくれるようにと頼んだときに始まりました。私は彼に加わることを決めたその申し出のための選択肢がありませんでした。私たちは地元のコミュニティと協力して、栄養学の代替品である漢方薬の大部分をモリンガに広めました。政府の支援が不足しており、プロジェクトを続行できなかったため、すべてがうまくいかなかった。その短い私の中で私は私の叔父さんと一緒に仕事をしていました。自然に興味を持ち、自然に生育する地元の薬草を中心に再出発しました。私は薬草のために確保された小さな平和の土地を少なくとも人々に教えるMEDICINAL GARDENSというプロジェクトを始めました。これは私が周りのコミュニティで人気を博し、人々は自然に異なる健康状態をどう扱うかについてのガイドのために私に来て始めました。それから(2013)私は人々が助けに来ることができる診療所を始めました。私が医学で知っていた少しの知識で、私は、自然な方法が多くの人々がうまくやっているようにうまくいくと感じました。



I want to stop the world's starvation as soon as possible Treatment of malaria by chlorine dioxide therapy and guidance on sterilization of unsanitary water 二酸化塩素療法によるマラリアの治療と不衛生な水の殺菌指導


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